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T-bone steak iconJohn's Great Grass Fed Beef

Raised in peaceful Calaveras pastures—naturally!

Grass fed beef--healthier for the consumer, the animals and the environment.

For more information on the health benefits of grass fed beef, check out our LINKS page.

Did you know that cattle in feedlots are frequently given feed that includes the blood of mammals, and excrement, feathers, and spilled feed swept from chicken coops? This disgusting practice risks spreading disease and is LEGAL under existing FDA rules. Over two years ago an FDA commissioner said that these items would be banned in feed but they still have not been. (Information from Consumer Reports, July 2006)
    ** Ever heard of Garbage In -- Garbage Out? A natural life spent grazing in pastures means there is no chance of our cattle eating any unwholesome materials like those--just good clean and natural grass. **



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